• You fell on the sidewalk and chipped your two front teeth the night before a big day at work
  • You were chewing gum and your filling came out and now you have a big hole in the tooth
  • You feel a cold sore developing on your lip and you have a big presentation tomorrow

Whether you have a chipped or cracked tooth, a bad tooth infection or developing a cold sore, our team at The Center For High Tech Dentistry is ready to get you out of pain as fast as possible with the least amount of discomfort. Our team is experienced in treating any type of dental emergency, including:

  1. Tooth Pain
  2. Broken Crown or Veneer
  3. Laser treatment for cold sores and ulcers
  4. Lost crown or filling
  5. Emergency tooth extractions
  6. Emergency root canals
  7. Replacing or re-cementing dental crowns and bridges
  8. Replacing or re-cementing veneers
  9. Broken denture
  10. Abscess or Infection Treatment
  11. Replacement of filling
  12. Emergency teeth cleaning